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Leading the industry in streamlined complex solar projects

Welcome to the home of Ionic Energy, your ideal resource for the design, management, and execution of challenging solar and other utility cost-saving endeavors. Our team of exceptionally qualified personnel represent an all-in-one resource for ventures of all sizes, from concept to completion.  In an arena where you would typically need to engage a large contingent of individual specialists, we are here to efficiently tackle everything from initial viability analysis, legal review, finance sourcing, competitive bid process, balloting, equipment sourcing, and construction management.  

1.21.2020 Ionic Energy Launches AB-634 Compliant Solar Program for Condominiums

With the recent passing of Assembly Bill 634, which allows for condominium owners to install personal solar systems on shared roofs, we’ve been inundated with requests for assistance in developing and implementing a program which identifies available roof space, assesses electrical infrastructure, determines an equitable amount of space for each building, and defines the application process.  Avoid future inevitable issues with your residents wanting personal solar on your shared roofs, we’re here to help.   LEARN MORE!

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