Condo Community Solar


In 2018 Assembly Bill 634 passed, allowing individual condominium owners to install solar systems for their own benefit on common area property. 

Associations may only impose “reasonable” restrictions that do not significantly increase the cost of the solar system or significantly decrease performance.  

While this may be good news for condo owners, this legislation presents significant challenges for associations.  Some common issues and questions that arise are:



Answers to these questions will vary greatly for each community. 

Ionic Energy’s Solar Management Plan is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each association.  

It is practical and cost effective for associations to proactively address these issues rather than take a reactive approach to requests for solar installation.

Ionic’s Solar Management Plan is implemented in 3 simple phases.  

Phase 1 – Initial Meeting:  Ionic meets with the board of directors and management company either in person or via phone to gather essential property information and address the specific needs and concerns of the board.  

Phase 2 – Onsite Inspection:  Ionic performs a detailed onsite inspection. The goal of phase 2 is to provide detailed information regarding available common area space for solar and assess how solar will impact existing electrical equipment.  The inspection may include electrical rooms, transformers, roofs, and the interior of condominium units. A drone may be used to gather data on available roof space for solar. Upon completion of phase 2 we provide the board with a detailed report along with recommended requirements to include in the Solar Management Plan.  

Phase 3 – Solar Management Plan Preparation:  Ionic reviews findings in Phase 2 with the board, management, and the association’s legal counsel if needed.  Based on feedback from the board, Ionic develops the Solar Management Plan. The plans include construction specifications, architectural review requirements, and specific homeowner conditions to install solar.  Any qualified construction manager or HOA management company can use the Solar Management Plan to ensure a smooth application and installation process for their residents, while protecting the association’s common area assets. 

Working with the Ionic team to efficiently develop a Solar Management Plan will proactively prepare your association to avoid inevitable issues with homeowners seeking personal solar systems on shared roofs.  We look forward to guiding you through the process.