Having worked with HOAs & COAs for several combined decades, it has become readily apparent that solar can be an outstanding option to ensure an association’s financial health for the future.  For those communities that have underfunded reserves, solar can be the ideal solution to get back on track. We’re here to help the board and management company efficiently and effectively deliver solar, as we understand it is a time-consuming process.  We minimize the necessary exerted energy by conducting complimentary analysis, legal review including association governing documents, create the bid specification, obtain competitive bids, secure financing, manage community approval (including the HOA voting process), and construction management.


Fully customized ISP solutions designed to save communities money and provide options for internet service and cable TV.  Each community serviced by Ionic gets a unique design that best fits the needs of the homeowners using multiple infrastructures including fiber optics and the industry’s most advanced wireless internet systems. This includes customizing for different types of services such as digital telephone, high speed data, security services, TV services, and video. Why pay a large cable company for services you don’t want when you can craft a program to meet the exact needs of your community?  


It is a little known fact that you do not have to buy natural gas from your local utility provider.  In fact, you have the option to purchase gas through a number of suppliers as an alternative to paying volatile pricing through your local utility.   Our team can reliably deliver natural gas price options to save your community money.

Reserve Bailout Program

Is your HOA or commercial property in financial trouble?  Do you have underfunded reserves? Our bailout program has been created to help properties that are financially strapped to be able to afford major construction improvements.  The program works by packaging solar improvements with other construction projects such as roofing and paint. By leveraging future solar savings, we can combine major reserve projects into a global solar savings package.  For example. One of our clients stands to save $1 Million in electricity costs over 25 years. They need a new $100,000 roof but have no reserve funds to pay for roofing. Through our Reserve Bailout Program, the HOA can finance the roof with the solar project. Instead of saving 1 Million the HOA will save $800,000 over 25 years with no upfront costs or out of pocket expenses, no special assessments, and no increase in HOA dues.

If your HOA or COA has underfunded reserves, you may be able to leverage the savings of solar to finance other critical reserve projects.