Ionic Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

In an arena where funding options are sparse and challenging to qualify for, Ionic Energy is delighted to offer its newly developed power purchase agreement (PPA) that caters specifically to homeowners associations and other underserved clients.  We have tailor-made the general terms of our agreements to suit many communities that would not traditionally qualify for the other current options in the marketplace, as well as designed them from a pro-HOA stance to ensure a uniquely ideal arrangement.

Other nonprofit entities and commercial projects can now tap into a financing option that understands their specific needs and is here to maximize their immediate savings and long-term financial health.  Our tailored approach creates an arrangement that not only saves money day one, but increases property value and NOI.

Capable of delivering power purchase agreements for small community projects in the 30 kW range, all the way up to massive retail or agricultural endeavors that may reach several megawatts, we’re here to deliver an attractive alternative solution to continuing to be at the mercy of your current expensive utility provider.